19 Aug

ER Creative Group is excited to introduce two incredible spaces for creativity and innovation: ER Creative Hub and the Corporate Office, on September 2, 2023, located on the 2nd Floor of PGA Building A, Mabini Ave, Barangay Sambat, Tanauan City Batangas. These spaces will officially open their doors to a world of possibilities. 

ER Creative Hub: A Place for Creativity
-ER Creative Hub is a vibrant community where creative minds can unite. It's not just a space; it's a place to turn ideas into reality.

Corporate Office: Where Excellence Begins
-Adjacent to ER Creative Hub, big ideas take shape in the Corporate Office. It's a symbol of ER Creative Group's commitment to excellence.

Everyone is invited to join in the fun and celebrate!

For RSVP and more information, contact ercreativeph@gmail.com.

This is just the beginning. ER Creative Group is ready to explore, create, and innovate with everyone!

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