23 Nov

ER Creative Group of Companies Gala Night on November 11, 2023, at Palazzo Antonio was a triumph, showcasing strategic collaborations, company achievements, and a glimpse into the future.

Sponsor/Partner Showcase

The night kicked off with dynamic presentations from key sponsors and partners on stage. Notable names like Corinthians Realty Services, Pru Life UK, Pioneer Insurance, Iteracare, Gotyme Bank, and Security Bank FPIP each had a spotlight to pitch and showcase their products and services, fostering an atmosphere of networking.

Event Highlights:

ER Creative's Achievements:

  • ER Creative's notable accomplishments were discussed, which highlited the company's dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry.

Future Plans and Projects:

  • Attendees gained insights into ER Creative Group's upcoming projects and plans, offering a glimpse into the company's forward-looking initiatives.

"Adopt a Student" Foundation Program:

  • A major reveal was the "Adopt a Student" program for 2024. This program underlined  the company's commitment to community development by providing scholarships to deserving beneficiaries.

Awards Presentation:

The Gala Night featured a prestigious awards ceremony, recognizing key individuals and partnerships

Board Members Recognition:

  • Awards were presented to honor the invaluable contributions of ER Creative's board members to the company's success.

Partnership Award:

  • The Partnership Award highlighted the significance of collaborative efforts, emphasizing the mutually beneficial growth achieved through strong partnerships.

First OFW Investor Award:

  • The First OFW Investor Award acknowledged the pioneering efforts of an Overseas Filipino Worker, showing exceptional commitment to ER Creative's vision.

Top Investor Performer Award:

  • The Top Investor Performer Award added a competitive edge, celebrating outstanding achievements in investment within the ER Creative community.

Raffle Draw

Adding a touch of light-heartedness, two sets of raffles featured exciting prizes, including home appliances, cellphones, and a grand 55-inch television. Laughter and excitement filled the venue as lucky winners were announced.

A Toast to Success and Unity

To end the night, everyone raised their glasses for a toast, celebrating the success and togetherness of the ER Creative team. Looking back, that Gala Night wasn't just a party; it was a time when people came together to work as partners, show dedication, and commit to building dreams while also giving back to the community.

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